The FM123 Mighty Mule Monocrystalline solar panel is a 10 watt solar powered battery charger for use with all current Mighty Mule gates model No. FM200, FM350, FM500, FM502, MM360, MM260, MM262, MM560, MM562, EZGO-SOLAR, DIAMOND Series, and commercial slider (MM-SL200B) opener systems and older model No. FM700 and FM702. Not compatible with older model No. FM250. Particularly suited for remote installations, each solar panel comes with tubular steel support, mounting clips, wire connectors, and 8 feet of low voltage wire. The Mighty Mule control board has clearly labeled terminal connections for easy installation of the solar panel. Installation in some regions will require multiple solar panels for adequate charging power. Dual gates require a minimum of 2 panels.The 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit is an excellent option to use as an alternative source that allows for increased power that maximizes sunlight for increased usage for your Mighty Mule or GTO/Pro Automatic Gate Opener.
30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit! Residential home owners can use this as credit on an operator system, accessories and installation.
Increases your savings on your electric bill and can increase your property value.
For gates that lack a power source at the site of installation, rated for 8 – 26 cycles, see zone chart.
Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation.
Backed by a 12 month Mighty Mule Warranty and Technical Support.


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