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weed eaterweed eater

weed eaterweed eater

Why was Korunria founded?

Gloria, the founder of Korunria, realized that many batteries on the market are not durable and the power level does not match the description. For example, many batteries(1.5Ah) were falsely described as 2.5Ah. So I founded the Korunria brand to provide consumers with more durable batteries and cost-effective electric tools.

weed eaterweed eater

weed eaterweed eater

About Korunria:

Korunria is a self-develop brand that specializes in developing all kinds of tools. We have our design and development team.

Quality and Safety:

Korunria pays attention to not only product durability but also your safety. Korunria’s battery which was tested by rigorous, high standards features high security. And the circuit board with short circuit protection puts your safety first.

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[Sliding Tank Design] Korunria weed wacker is designed with a sliding tank that eliminates the need to lift the mower to work. And the height-adjustable support bracket allows the lawn to be mowed more evenly.
[Powerful Battery Life] The Korunria grass trimmer has 2.5Ah battery. Each 2.5Ah battery can provide 50-75 minutes of operating time. We recommend a 10-minute break after every full hour of operation to extend the life of the mower.
[Battery Indicator/Fast Charging] The Korunria battery has a battery indicator, so you can see how much power is left in the battery to help plan your schedule. It equipped with a 1.5A fast charger.
[Aluminum Frame & Lightweight] The aluminum material ensures sturdiness and lightness. Only 5.2 lbs (Equipped with accessories and battery).
[Power Failure Protection] Equipped with a protection chip, it will automatically power off to protect the mower when encountering high resistance.
[About Blade] If you cannot find the right blade, please contact us.

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