Marastar’s 2 Pack 15×6 00-6 air filled (pneumatic) front tire & wheel assembly is the perfect replacement for Craftsman riding mowers with 15×6 00-6 tires (Check your existing tires sidewall). you don’t need to change out an old tube or visit a professional tire shop, simply replace the entire old or damaged tire & wheel assembly with this one. Marastar’s easy to install Replacement comes with a tube-type 4-Ply rated tire with turf Saver tread pre-mounted on dark gray powder-coated steel wheel with a 3” centered hub length, high-quality oil impregnated bushings installed & a grease fitting. Tire repair & replacement made easy – also included 3 x 0. 08” thick washers & an extra e-clip to make this the practical tire & wheel solution for Craftsman mowers with 15×6 00-6 front tires.Tire: 2 pack 15×6. 00-6 tube-type turf SAVER tread – pneumatic 4 Ply rating
Wheels: Solid dark gray steel, 3″ Centered hub, 3/4″ Sintered iron bushings
Load capacity/speed: 400 lbs. / not for highway speeds
Use: replacement for Craftsman riding mowers with front tire size 15×6. 00-6
Low hassle, low cost solution to repairing or replacing your Craftsman riding Mower tires
Check your existing tire sidewall for tire, hub, and bushing size to ensure proper replacement fit.


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