All parts is made of stainless steel . Highly resistant to corrosion compared to other metals. The kit including: 1: Adjustable High Pressure Propane Regulator 0—30psi , 5 ft long (150cm). The male end connects a standard propane USA QCC-1/Type-1 tank and the female end attaches to a 5/8” flare fitting. 2: we use 1” feed tube and 2″ air choke allow for maximum air flow with a proper size gas tuned to produce higher BTU with less propane , the 3 way tee(air choke) is self adjusting and drafts the proper amount of air based on fuel pressure.
Dual burner is for forge,melting furnace and foundry.Great for crafting knives, horseshoes, swords, or recycling scrap metal. It can also be used with Graphite Crucibles or Graphite Ingot Molds.
Specification: Solid Brass Inlet Fitting Thread 5/8”-18 OD, fits hose with 3/8″ SAE Flare.Outer diameter of the chamber end for stainless steel torch: 2 inch (50 mm)
Outputs up Normally 100,000 BTU for every single burner, up to 135,000 BTU when used with a 30 PSI regulator.


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