Kurgo’s Seasonal Tire Totes reduce the mess and hassle of seasonal tire change by covering winter tires to protect your clothing and car interior from grime. Combine these tire bags with Kurgo Wheel Felts (sold separately) to prevent rims from nicks and scratches. The built-in handle on these tire covers makes them easy to carry and store. Durable construction on tire tote extends the life of the tire and help keeps your garage organized. One size fits most passenger vehicles (22″” – 31″” diameter tires). Set of 4 bags – Kurgo Wheel Felts sold separately. Machine washable.

Arithmetic to calculate diameter of tire:

W: Section Width
H: Section Height
D: Rim Diameter

Formula: (W*(2*(H/100))/25.4)+D

For example:
Section Width: 225
Section Height: 55
Rim Diameter: 16

(225*(2*(55/100))/25.4)+16 = 25.74

Therefore, your Tire Diameter = 25.74”; and since this product fits tires 22” to 31” in diameter, your tires would be a perfect fit.

For further clarification, please contact our customer service team at 877-847-3868 or [email protected]
Tire Cover with Handle for Easy Lifting: Tire totes keep your winter tires protected & organized when not in use. Wheel bags protect your clothing & car interior from grime. Tire bags reduce the mess of tire change. Includes handle for easy transportation.
Wheel Tote Protects Tires During the Off Season: Tire bag is made from durable materials to protect tires from the elements. Perfect seasonal tire cover or spare tire cover. Easily stack for storage.
Set of 4 Bags Included: Four Kurgo Tire Totes are included. Recommended combining tire totes with Kurgo Wheel Felts (sold separately) to protect wheel rims for full coverage.
Sizing & Fit: Tire protectors fit tires 22″-31″ in diameter (90% of passenger vehicle tires are 22″ – 31″ in diameter). For more information on how to properly measure your tire, please see the Product Description below.
Lifetime Warranty: These original and patented tire totes come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased new from an authorized seller. Please call Kurgo customer service for more information.


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