The DEWALT DCB606-2 20/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT battery pack 6.0 Ah dual pack allows you the power of corded with the freedom of cordless. This battery pack offers 4X runtime compared to DCB201 1.5 Ah battery pack / 3X power compared to DC9096 18V battery. It features durable construction with single piece cell holder, with an LED state of charge display. Because it automatically changes voltages when you change tool, you can slide the battery into a whole new lineup of tools from DEWALT; it features tri-platform compatibility with 20V MAX*, 60V MAX*, and 120V MAX*. No need to invest in a whole new system). This revolutionary battery will change the way things get done! Includes: (2) DCB606 FLEXVOLT batteries.The Power of Corded with the Flexibility of cordless
3X The Power of DC9096 18V Battery
Durable construction with single piece cell holder
4X The Runtime of DCB201 1.5Ah Battery
Tri-Platform compatibility with 20V MAX, 60V MAX and 120V MAX
LED State of Charge Display


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