Built-in memory that can store 1 heart rate training session; perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use
Pair your H10 heart rate sensor directly with a GoPro Hero 4 or 5 camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video or utilize smart coaching when paired with a Polar wrist unit or the Polar Beat mobile application to recieve unique feedback
Stay up-to-date with firmware updates that enhance the functionality and enhanced battery life for about 400 hours of operation time
Weighs 4.2 oz with 4″ x 1.3″ x 7″ dimensions; has comfortable fit soft strap that fits sizes XS to XXL; additional strap available in size XXXL
Compatibility : iOS mobile devices: iPhone 5 and later, with iOS 11 or later; Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Android 5.0 or later


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