Description eighteen washers (small) eight t-bolts eight nuts (small) eight nuts (large) ten cap head bolts & eighteen spring washers warranty information 1-year material warranty This system makes the installation of small solar systems easy, affordable and quick.
It will support off-grid systems, and panels up to 100W. The system comes complete with all fasteners to secure the system to the installation surface.
It comes with 2 T-Slotted Brackets, 2 L-Channels, 4 L-Brackets, 2 Support Arm, 2 U-Bolts, 8 T-Bolts, 10 Cap Head Bolts, 18 Spring Washers, 18 Small Washers, 4 End Clamps, 18 Small Nuts, 4 Large Washers, and 8 Large Nuts.
Recommended tools to have before installation (not provided): socket wrench, torque extension, box-Leveler, tape Measure, 18mm wrench or socket for larger hex nut, and 13mm wrench or socket for smaller hex nut.


Buy "RENOGY Solar Panel Side of Pole Mount for 50W/100W" now

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