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windynation solar panel extension cable windynation solar panel extension cable

solar panel cable windynationsolar panel cable windynation

WindyNation Solar Panel Extension Cable

WNI’s solar panel extension cable is an excellent addition to your solar equipment. You can choose between 8 gauge, 10 gauge, and 12 gauge solar cable and several length options. Your cable will arrive terminated with WNI PV solar connectors.

UL Listed as XLP USE-2 or RHH/RHW-2RoHS CompliantWet/Dry Temperature: -40C to 90CSunlight ResistantDirect Burial

Solar Cable Features

windynation pv solar connectorswindynation pv solar connectors

solar cable copper stranded wiresolar cable copper stranded wire

wiindynation solar cable pairwiindynation solar cable pair

Solar Connectors

Solar cable arrives terminated with solar connectors. Solar Connectors are the industry standard for connecting photovoltaic panels for safe operation. The connectors are specially designed with a watertight seal and coated with a UV-resistant coating.

Copper Conductors

Solar cable is fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B3. Class B stranding.

Polyethylene Insulation Jacket

Solar cable insulation jacket is chemically crosslinked polyethylene. Available in both black and red.

windynation solar cable windynation solar cable

Made In The USA

WNI solar panel extension cable is manufactured in the USA! Each cable that leaves our warehouse is precisely cut on an automated robotic cable processing machine and double-checked for quality and accuracy before it is shipped out to our customers.

SEE IMAGE #2 in the photo gallery for solar cable specifications
Photovoltaic module interconnection cable for use with or without a raceway in accordance with the NEC Wiring Systems
UL Listed solar cable is designed for outdoor use and is moisture, UV and corrosion resistant. Solar cable is manufactured in the USA.
The solar cable offered in this listing is 8 AWG which is UL rated for 55A. Using large diameter cable will minimize power line loss in your solar panel system.


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