The Bulgarian Bag’s shape allows for both upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength. The three different types of handles allow athletes to execute a variety of exercises by using different grips. The Bulgarian Bag is a fitness tool of the next generation. Being a movement based piece of equipment, It incorporates all primal movement patterns that mimic natural movements. What makes the bag unique is that it’s one of only a few exercise tools that cover all planes of movement under load. It’s a functional training tool that creates power and neurological integration. The Bulgarian Bag was invented in 2005 by Ivan Ivanov.If it doesn’t say Suples it’s not a Bulgarian Bag!
Comes with FREE instructional DVD! 2 YEAR WARRANTY! No B.S.
Hand Made – High Quality Genuine Leather (You get what you pay for)
Full body workout! Extremely versatile! Follow Suples Training Systems on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to see training videos.
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