Examples: Run interior lights, charge laptops and handheld devices, run fridges and fans. Built-in 3-stage charge controller for all battery types. Easily fits in RVs, trucks, campers, and boats for real world power in off the grid locations.Equipped with a ballistic nylon carrying case, detachable battery alligator clamps, 15-feet of wire, adjustable quick stand legs and 10-amp weatherproof charge controller.
Great for RV’s 35-feet and smaller or 1- 4 battery systems using 12-volt or 6-volt batteries. 140-watt Zamp Portable solar panel kit is our most popular portable solar charger.
Increase battery life 2 – 3 times longer and save money by reduced battery replacements. Keep them charged and healthy.
Use straight out of the case or on Zamp Solar pre-wired RV with Zamp’s sidewall solar Port.
Made in the U.S. – 25-year power output warranty.


Buy "Zamp solar 140-watt Portable Charger Kit. Suitcase/Folding Solar Panel Kit. Solar Charger Includes 10-amp Waterproof Charge Controller for Safe Battery Charging. Battery Charger for Camping and RV’s." now

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