Cordless & lightweight, The WORX 40V li-ion Hydroshot powered water nozzle hasup to four times the power as ordinary garden nozzles. It comes with two 20V batteries & a dual charger. 20-Foot hose also included to reach longer distances. This powered water nozzle also features multiple spray patterns for your convenience. Pull fresh water from any remote source or tap into any water spigot.Portable power cleaner draws fresh water from any source with no set-­up time.
Delivers maximum efficiency at 450psi while minimizing water usage at Only .90gpm.
Versatile 4-­in-­1 pressure nozzle lets you switch from varying degrees of water stream Intensity. (0, 15, 25, 40)
Package includes: WA3575, WA3884, 20 ft. Hose, long lance, and 4-in-1 nozzle
Perfect for use around the home, campsite, marina, pool, lake or anywhere fresh water is available.
Includes 2 20V Li-Ion (2.0Ah) batteries, 2hr. Dual charger
Power_Source_Type: Battery Powered


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